Flash 8 hosting issue

Just FTP’d a working flsh 8 movie to a brand new domain I have on DH but no matter what publish settings I use on Flash 8 pro, the movie screws up when it is published to this domain. Runs fine on my local machine. its like the action script goes haywire on the server. depending on what publish settings I use, I can get it to load but not run, or not load at all.

Anyone have a clue what I need to try here?

How 'bout posting the URL of your file? Isn’t it just a single .swf file?


I don’t know a lot about Flash, but, as I understand it, all the processing takes place on the client end.

As Scott said, posting the URL might help locate the source of the problem.


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Yes, since this post I have discovered that my swf file is being
corrupted to the server from my FTP client (winftp pro) . sometimes some of the embedded jpeg shots come in good and others they dont. it is a portfolio site so it is kind of important. it is www.macdonaldgrp.com.

Also, first time with flash so I bought a template and modified to suit my friend so it could very well be multiple programmer errors and ignorance.

the curious thing also is that IE on my machine wont open it but other machines I own with IE do, that is another weird story…

I think I just need a clean FTP upload for this to be OK, I am trying another ftp client and another box to upload and see.


I assume you are FTPing it as a binary?

Awesome work on your site. Looks great.

Maybe your ftp program is set to auto for binary/text upload. Its possible it gets confused and chooses text instead of binary. Set the option to binary or see if it has an extention list to make sure swf is binary.
For another program you may want to try Filezilla I use it all the time and love it.

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