Fixing MySQL indexes

A little background. I’ve been noticing that posting to my Wordpress site is incredibly slow, so I logged into phpMySQL to poke around and noticed some unusual looking info on the “Runtime Information” page for my db. Among the findings is thie :

From the Googling I’ve done it seems that one or more of my indexes has become corrupted. I’ve run some queries like this :

…but the slowness continues. Does anyone know a good,safe way to recreate the indexes for my tables? I saw some mentions of a utility called “myisamchk”, but that doesn’t seem to work from me from the command line.

Remember that the MySQL servers are shared so it might be someone ELSE’S data causing your server fits.

Generally in these cases we recommend reporting it to DH support for the MySQL admin gurus to take a look and do the maintenance things you described and maybe even kick the user that isn’t playing nice.

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