Edit: Never mind. I checked my Dreamhost settings and found where I was going wrong. And it was something obvious and simple.

[color=#A9A9A9]This truly baffles me.

I uploaded my site through Filezilla and everything seemed to go smoothly. I checked the site on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari with everything looking great. However, the site isn’t working everywhere.

For other computers around me (in the same building), the site is showing up on every browser except Chrome. Outside of the office, and for my client, it isn’t appearing at all. I honestly have no idea why. How can a site be appearing normally on a computer in one location but not normally on a computer in a different location?

Any suggestions? I am relatively new to the web game, so I’m probably missing some obvious technical thing. -_-[/color]

Mind sharing what it was, in case anyone else runs into it? :slight_smile:

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