Fix / Better VPS deletion process

Can we make the VPS deletion process more agile in the panel?

Had 3 VPS created. Wanted to delete one. Here are the problems:

  1. It forces move of user files; even if you dont want to!
  2. Even if you delete all users from VPS, it still forces move of files!
  3. Worst problem, it automatically chooses which VPS to move onto, no choices available. Bad design!
  4. There should be an option to just delete the VPS and not move anything!

What happened to me:

  1. I deleted users from VPS.
  2. Panel “moved” my non existing users to my staging VPS.
  3. The move caused a permission issue with my staging account. Brought down my staging site! Thank God it was not my production site!!!
  4. VPS was not deleted. Waited whole weekend. Repeated deletion button step again on Monday. Finally deleted…

This process needs to be more customizable and more transparent!

Hi Agrabowski,

I apologize for any frustration this may have caused you. I have forwarded your concerns to my superior.

Indeed, whenever a vps is canceled, it’s going to automatically move any user data to their next default server. If you have another vps, it will likely be moved there. If you delete your vps users before canceling, as you attempted, it may still mention moving the data but won’t really have nothing to move. So, that is still an option for you if you don’t want any data moved. We also do not allow duplicate usernames, regardless of what server you’re on. That way, when we do need to move users to another server, it should not cause any issues for existing users.

We’re sorry to hear of the trouble, though, and would be glad to investigate if needed. We’re also sorry for any confusion; it does normally take a few days for a vps to be deleted completely.

Please let us know if you have any more concerns or would like us to look into anything.

Thank you!

Amy F