First time on cutftp


I’m a real newbe and I need some help uploading my site to dreamhost. I downloaded cute ftp and it’s asking for the FTP host address and I don’t know the answer. I’ve tried some addresses that seemed obvious but they didn’t work. HELP!


If your domain is registered and setup already, use your domain name.

If you just set it up, you should have received an email telling you what hostname to use (along with your FTP user’s username and other info) - so just use that. It will be something like {machine}, where {machine} is the name of your machine.

Hi Will,
Thanks for the help. I’ve now gotten as far as uploading my page through cute ftp and it appears to have worked but when I attempt to visit my site I get “this page cannot be found”. My index file is named index.html so that’s not the problem. What could I be doing wrong?


in your users home directory you should see a folder called “” Did you put the index file there? If so, you should see it when you visit