First time FTP'er needs help to connect to site

Hello, It’s my first time using FTP. I downloaded FileZilla. I have a domain name at GoDaddy which is using DreamHost servers. UrL brings up the appropriate DreamHost message of … Coming Soon.

I’ve created the Database, user, and host in my DreamHost account. The hosting package I have already hosts several other websites. Somebody else set those up for me. One is unique website created from scratch by another person, the other two websites hosted within my DreamHost account each have Wordpress themes active. A different theme for each.

So I’m trying to upload Wordpress and then a theme for my newest database. I found some beginner videos and I’ve tried to follow them carefully.

First question: Am I correct in assuming I need to upload WordPress again for my new database, even though I have two other databases using Wordpress for websites? (No would be a great answer, but I’ve assumed it’s Yes).

~ So to upload Wordpress, I first downloaded to my computer, unzipped it into a folder, and did all the steps on this link:

I’m trying to use FileZilla but it won’t connect.
This is the message I’m getting.

Error: Could not connect to server
Status: Waiting to retry…
Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection attempt failed with “ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server”.
Error: Could not connect to server

{I’ve changed the part of the actual name to the letters a and b in the above quote}

Can anyone provide suggestions?
Is the format of my hosting and database names correct? If not can I change them in DH or do I need to dump everything and start again?

Many questions :frowning:

The hostname for SFTP connections is (not the MySQL hostname).

If the new website is on it’s own domain (or has nothing to do content-wise with anything else on the domain) then installing a fresh WordPress with it’s own database is ideal.

But the easier way to install a fresh copy of Wordpress is to use dreamhosts one click installler, not the extremely time consuming method of uploading an unzipped copy.

Thank you

Thank you