First Time FTP Set Up - can't see web site files


My Manager tells me that he set up a WebFTP account for me on DreamHost so I can make some changes to a web site.

Its asking for a host, login and password.

If I leave the host blank - It logs me BUT I can’t see any of the web files.
If I enter for a host I still can not see the web site files.
If I enter the IP address for the host still can not see the web files

What is missing?
Does my manager turn on some file sharing switch?
Does something have to be activated?
Do I have to use a special hostname?
Is there a support number to call and have the account looked at?



Probably it is a new website. It will take some time for DNS to propagate.


For hostname use

Also ftp users are specifically connected to domains. If he just added a new user, then you won’t be able to see any files. See for more explanation.


Groan… My manager gave me the wrong password… Thanks for the support possibilities.