First Time DH User

I don’t know if it’s something I did wrong or the DNS hasn’t completely gone through, but it’s almost a week and a half since I joined up with DH and I already have about 8 domain names with one registered domain name.

The problem is, -that- registered domain name is working, especially with an installed Wordpress script, but the other eight domain names are not working at all. I tried to upload a simple html site into other domain name and it didn’t work.

I uploaded it through my FTP program under my registered name which leads me to several other domain names. Does it means that my other eight domain names -must- be registered in order to work properly?

I hope the way I explain makes sense…or…able to understand the complicated way I see…oo;; then again, I’m a first-time user here.

In my way of thinking, it is okay to have more than eight domain names under -one- web hosting; and it will work.

Well, it didn’t and I’m thinking that I did something wrong. <.<;; Beside, I added these domain names all in one day. coughs Could it be the reason why? That it takes so long for it to work?

If you mean, do the domains need to be registered here at DreamHost, then no they can be registered anywhere you want, but they do need to be registered somewhere.

It sounds like you have already added the domains to the DreamHost hosting system in the admin panel, but if the domains are registered elsewhere, there is an extra step you need to take before those domains will work. You need use whatever configuration utility your registrar provides to change the name servers for the domains to the following;

Yep, it is OK to have the 8 domains hosted under the one plan. In-fact, you can have ‘unlimited’ domains hosted under the one plan.


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Subdomains of domains you own are free.


Have to be registered somewhere.

(Just for clarification in case someone comes along and gets a weird idea.)