First Theme

Hi forum. I just installed a theme for a new web site. It is a bit more complex than other themes It is called theproton.

I want to customize it. The system comes with a demo version but it failed to install.

There is a slide show on the front page. I have looked everywhere in the control panel I can find to customize it bue I could not figure this out.

Any suggestions?

Is this the theme:

FWIW, it’s violating the terms of GPL by requring a link back to their sites (“The theme is free to use in personal and/or commerical projects but the linkback to is required.”) so you’re going to have a real hard time finding people who will help you for free on it, and I personally distrust any theme that has you download it off a third-party site like MediaFire (they have a domain, why not use it?).

All that said, I tried to install this via the WP theme installer and it has a lot of errors and warnings. When I dug into them, I determined it was running TimThumb 1.14. At this point, I can tell you that you should not use this theme, as it has a massive security hole. Dump it and find something else. I strongly recommend anything from - they’re free and vetted.