First Post

Hi Im Marko, and just bought hosting service from dreamhost :).

It is great, I mean I still dont know what I got :).

I have one default user and createsd one more, with disk limiti to 50MB in that directory I uploaded a picture 1MB big, and when I check disk usage it says 0MB used.

What is the catch??

The panel’s view of your disk usage is only updated a couple times per day. Also, disk usage under 1MB is reported as 0.


Yes, welcome to DreamHost!

I’ve seen the panel take a few days to report extra disk space usage. I want to make it clear that I am NOT complaining about this.

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I had problem with internet two days.

Tnx for quick answers, I have installed JOOMLA and uploaded
a picture 1.5MB and still after a few days disk space 0% occupied. Im not complaining either but just asking.