First domain register

I’ve signed up for a new Dreamhost site. I assume what I signed up for is being registered, but I am unsure if it is or if I need to do more. Im still under 24 hours new, but Im just curious, because under domains registered with dreamhost, in the CP I see I have “no domains registered” under my account. Is this just because the DNS info hasn’t been finished? Also, when I go to register a new domain, it says the one I use to start a Dreamhost account is available! But then it wants to charge me 14.95 or something for it.

Anyhow, the only email Ive got from dreamhost is the billing confirm. Is there another yet to come to give me more info? Sorry for some newb questions, but it just looks as if nothing has started for my new site.

Thanks in advance


Nevermind. Support ticket sent and got a response within the hour. They finished setting it up and it works great.