First DH site and troubles getting a test index file to load?

Hi All,

I am doing a site for a client. He set up the DH account.

I can access the cpanel and I can access the root with my FTP client.

I uploaded a simple “test” index.html file before I work on installing a CMS. All I get is the default “ Coming Soon!” page. This page mentions deleting a quickstart.html file? I don’t see this file anywhere in the root folder using FTP. I then tried uploading the CMS to see if I could access the installer. I still get the “ Coming Soon!” page. If I add the installer url to the end like "xxx/com/install/ I get an error.

I see this on the landing page: “Once logged in, you’ll be able to delete this page (quickstart.html) and begin uploading your new site.” Where you find this file?

I applied for online help but so far I have not heard anything. As far as I can tell there is NO phone support with DreamHost? I really need to get this done. I have done countless sites with other hosts and have never had issues this early in the site launch process.

Any ideas?


I took a quick look at the account in question — you’re looking under the wrong FTP user. Every FTP user on DreamHost has their own separate files; of the three FTP users on this particular account, only one of them (the one with a name starting with a “t”) has any domains hosted under it.

I am not sure what an FTP user is? I was given the name of the FTP server, a username, and a password. I can access the root just fine as far as I can tell. I am not sure what else to do. Is there something else “t” is supposed to do to make my FTP function for me? I have never encountered this kind of issue before?

I am using a FTP client called Transmit on the Mac platform…


The username and password you were given don’t correspond to the web site. You can look up the correct username and password in the DreamHost Panel, under “Users > Manage Users” — I’m not mentioning the full name of the correct user for privacy reasons, but it’s the one that starts with “t” which you’ll see there.

Sorry, I don’t get it?

I clicked on the Manage Users tab and then what do I do? I clicked on the WebFTP Login tab and filled out my given password and it works: I can see the FTP root with all the files including the index.html file I added. But the site still shows the default “Coming Soon” page? I do not see where I can access the “correct username and password”. Do I need the username and password provided to “t”?

If my FTB User does not have the right username and password then what I am accessing when I use them? I am obviously going somewhere? But the files I add to the root do not show? This is really frustrating! It seems like I am in a Catch-22 situation. My FTP session appears to work, but I have no idea if this session is really targeting the actual site I am working on or not? I deleted all the CMS files as I am concerned about the security of leaving the installer file there (where?) if the access to the root of this site is in doubt?

I am sorry, but my other client hosts never produce this road block…

As far as I can tell, the issue you’re running into is that you’re uploading the files to the wrong FTP user. I’m sorry if I’m not explaining this clearly, though — it’ll probably be easier if you talk with a support representative, as they can give you some additional details that I can’t give out in public on this forum. You can send in a message here:

Thanks, I did file a request earlier but I have not heard anything yet. I am surprised there is no phone support?

I think I have uploaded these files to my User home directory instead of the web directory of the site. I guess this means I do not have access to the domain itself via the FTP account I am logging into. This is an unfamiliar system. What still puzzles me is this: I do not have an account with DreamHost. I pay no fees or own anything with DreamHost. But I was given some access to the site in question using both cPanel and FTP access. What use is my home directory if it is not really connecting with anything?

I will see if the site owner can fix this as there is nothing more I can do from my end for now.

Before I go any further with this, is there any issue with using MODx on DreamHost? If there is I would love to hear about it now. Not to be negative but this kind of experience sort of reinforces the notion of asking clients to use hosts that I (the developer) am familiar with instead of going though all this head scratching making their host choices work.

I appreciate your patience and input here though. I am simply stunned that this basic question would yield more than 2300 views in a couple of hours!

If you have access to the control panel go to Manage Domains. It will show the domain and which user it is actually running under. That user listed is what you would need to log into via FTP to upload files. If you want to be able to upload the files under your own user just click on edit there and change it from whatever user andrewf was mentioning to the one you actually use. Simple. If you can’t modify manage domains that would mean whoever created the account didn’t grant you enough privileges though.

The owner reports this: “found some obscure setting which let me change which user the domain runs under and I switched it to you…” So far this does nothing. That silly Coming Soon page remains, taunting me…

I then tried using the site owner’s FTP login and username but there is an error there somewhere. I am waiting for confirmation…

Success! The owner pulled the right switch and there is now a folder in the root when I log in via my FTP username. I also can see (and remove) the Coming Soon page…