First Byte Time - how to improve? (shared hosting)

Hey everyone - I sent this to the support but I want to hear more than one opinion.

As you can see from the tests above my site gets at best 1500 First Byte Time.

Is this the average for shared hosting on Dreamhost? Is there a way Dreamhost can improve this?

You can also check the site and share your recommendations for further speed improvement.

Thank you!

The question is where the slowdown comes from. Once you know that you can figure out whether such a fix needs to come from the dreamhost side of the table or your own.

For what it’s worth, unless your shared server has specific issues it doesn’t appear to be server config creating a delay. I ran a simple php “hello world” page thru First byte was 0.392s, which seems to indicate dreamhost’s config is in order. If your page needs more server power there are two choices, optimize it for the server it’s running on, or pay for more power.

Thanks for your input, LakeRat!
This is what P3 Profiler reports for the Wordpress performance - is it ok?

[quote]Total Load Time: 1.6910seconds avg.
Site Load Time: 0.8327seconds avg.
Profile Overhead: 0.8582seconds avg.
Plugin Load Time: 0.5083seconds avg.
Theme Load Time: 0.0716seconds avg.
Core Load Time: 0.2278seconds avg.
Margin of Error: 0.0251seconds avg.
(1.6910 observed, 1.6659 expected)
Visits: 17
Number of PHP ticks: 8,559 calls avg.
Memory Usage: 26.29 MB avg.
MySQL Queries: 35 queries avg.[/quote]
The time needed for the contents to load is almost the same as the first time byte time - that is why I think there should be room for optimization on the side of the host.