FireFTP setup

I’m trying to work out how to set up FireFTP to use the “View on the Web” function. To use the function, you have to fill in a host name under the Advanced settings. Given I have several hosted domains, I tried using the Dreamhost server name but that then tries (unsuccessfully) to load a webpage of http:////webpage.htm. I have tried putting in the Prefix field which is supposed to remove it from the URL but that doesn’t seem to work.

Can anyone help me out with some advice either that its not possible (so I can stop wasting my time) or how to do it?

Many thanks


Can anyone help me out?

As far as I know, you just setup your different domains as usual. So a different login for each domain. Then just setup the advanced settings. It then should work for whatever domain you are login to.
Best is ask on the FireFTP forum, since they give real good support.

Hope they will make it compatible with Firefox 5/6, since I do miss it, now it is no longer compatible