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Why is it that my site looks different in firefox and ie? I used firefox to debug, so eveything looks fine in firefox. But using ie makes my site look really amateur. How to solve this problem?


Well, could we have a look at your website maybe? :confused:

IE tends to pick up alot of silly details in coding…leave a space in your coding and it will detect and make your layout look different. It’s definitely coding reasons however :slight_smile:


As painful as it seems I always have both browsers open when designing a site. In a perfect world we should have an older version of both browsers as well. Just remember that the vast majority of folks do use IE only because it is preinstalled. We should be designing for them not ourselves.

check out these places to find out more about Web standards and browser compatability if you are interested.


Firefox/Opera = W3C compliant. IE != W3C compliant.

The problem you’re running into is the most common problem among web development and a thorn in the side of every proper web coder. IE is not compliant, simple as that.

The only way to fix it is through IE hacks, modifying your CSS with IE specific tags to “fix” up the uglyness or use IE’s specialized include statements:

Do a Google search on IE CSS Hacks / Compatability and you’ll be shocked at how much of a problem it really is.

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And it’s not just compliant code. You can have code that is compliant but it wont display properly in Firefox.

The difference is, MS wants the web to be unusable for people using other browsers so they make sure to do things their own way. Sure one could say that’s not really the case, it’s just that IE 6 is getting old, but IE 7 is a fine example of how they’re trying to prevent a web that works for all.


I have yet to see that.

0.o … Examples?
I yet to see where IE7 is trying to force people to use it’s standards over W3C. IE7 is (suppose to be) W3C compliant for a first from MS.

IE6, on the other hand, is a 4 year old browser. In those 4 years, we’ve had CSS2 mature to the point where all other browsers run it. IE6 has yet to update. IE6 isn’t even fully PNG compliant. IE7, however, is (finally).

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You can have code the requires it to be displayed in IE for it to work, but that’s not standards complient. Any W3C standards complient code will disply just fine in Firefox.

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Web Standard project’s Acid2 Browser Test, anyone? So far I think only the latest Safari passed it. To be released Opera 9 is almost there. Firefox? Not quite. Internet Explorer? Hmm…

You will be very surprised to see how similar the rendering backend is between IE6 and IE7. Many CSS bugs that I have encountered in IE6 is still right there, in the Beta 2 of IE7. They focused a lot on functionality – the kind of functionality to lock you into that browser. Some improvement in the compliance department, but not much.

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Uh? Dude, you DO realize that this uses advanced CSS3 tags? You also DO realize that it is expected that browsers will not work in it yet?

Your theory is flawed. Opera 9 is currently the only browser on the market browser that passes it (Safari actually fails it. Safari has a scroll bar. Not suppose to have a scroll bar). But the Acid test is just an Acid test. It uses MANY advanced CSS features that aren’t even in “beta” within the CSS specs. Passing the test is a prestige thing, not a requirement. It’s not expected for current standard compliant browsers to pass.

This I’m quite aware of it and disappointed. MS has vowed to make IE7 fully CSS2 compliant. Great! But now they just need to prove it. Not to mention, they said they won’t look into CSS3 until it’s approved/finalized. Too bad other browsers are already moving into it (once again, leaving IE behind).

Won’t work. Not today. It’s all about the standards and if IE7 (which is still BETA I remind you) doesn’t live up to standards, expect another HUGE push against IE and MS for their lack of standards compatibility.

I don’t see how you think this is MS trying to lock people into their browser…I see this as MS dropping the ball. And believe me, if IE7 isn’t compliant, it will be viewed as MS dropping the ball. Kind of like the final straw deal. After all, the whole reason for IE7 was because of all the negative publicity IE6 is receiving.

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