Firefox doesn't load Panel

I’m running Firefox, and when I go to, enter my information, and press the button to log in, I get a blank page. IE7b3 works just fine, but I’d prefer to use Firefox. Can this be fixed?

It will be fixed when DH fixes it, but there is a work-around: After you log in you’ll be directed to . Remove “index.cgi” from the URL and reload the page. This should get you in.

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In addition to what kchrist said (which works!), I have found a couple of other relevant tips on this:

  1. You can also often get ti to load after you get the “blanK screen” by clicking the “green ‘go’” circle/button to the right of the address field ini the Firefox toolbar (if you have that displayed on the toolbar).

  2. For me, once you have successfully logged in, the problem goes away for subsequent returns to the panel, as the “cookie” passes a parameter to the index.cgi (indicating where you were in the panel when you left), and it doesn’t seem to hang.


works fine with me but I am on a Mac

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I don’t think you need to remove index.cgi to get back in; just entering the new URL (hitting “Go” or pressing Enter) works.

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You will pleased to know that just popped up.
Does not fix the ControlPanel problem of course so you still have to press the GO button.
I look at it as an extra security feature. Ahem!


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I bookmarked then went to the bookmark properties and put dh as the keyword, so I just type dh in the address bar to get to the panel and then log in and it gets around the blank page.

I’m on and everything appears to be working fine.

I am also using Firefox (under WinXP Pro SP2), but I get the blank page 100% of the time. I also get a similar issue when logging into PayPal with Firefox (but only occasionally).

It is no big hassle to reload the page, but I guess it is a trap for the unwary, who might think the panel is down.


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I can’t even connect at all…


Can you ping it?

I just checked it again, and I can reach it just fine… it’s a little slow loading, but responds.

Running a traceroute, and pinging, can tell you a lot about whether it is really down, or if you are just having a hard time reaching it.


It gives me the blank page under FF v1.5.0.6 in Windows XP, IE 6 in Windows XP, Camino 1.0.2 on OSX and Safari 2.0.4 on OSX. The Windows box is running XP Home SP2 and the Mac is running Mac OS Version 10.4.7 (Intel). Oddly enough, if I use Opera (9.0.1 in both cases) in either Windows XP or OSX the page loads just fine.