Fir not responding?

My site running on fir has been working well for 8 months. Tonight it is unresponsive. Anybody else?


If you haven’t logged into the dreamhost panel you should, when support post single server notices they simply appear in the panel.

Also while in the panel check your support history to see if you’ve missed any automated notices (such as one from dreamhosts procwatch bot that kills off processes that are taking too many resources).

If you still haven’t found a reason, open a support ticket.

I’m quite a novice at this. I have already opened a support ticket, but no response in almost an hour.

notices appear…in what panel? I don’t think I have ever checked into a panel. Can you point me in the right direction? Sorry to appear so dumb.

You most likely logged in there to open the support ticket. When a notice pertaining to your account or services is present you will likely not miss it, it will be in red text at the top of many pages. As mentioned also check your support history to see if you have missed anything recently.

FYI, support is reasonably slow, they strive to answer within 24 hours, but lately they seem to be running even longer.

I have opened support tickets in the past, and haven’t needed to wait that long before. It is pretty odd that nobody else is reporting any trouble. My site has been running pretty well for over a year. It is just a quiet hiker forum.

What is the site built with? Wordpress? If so (or if your using another CMS) Have you kept up to date with updates?

The way the connections being reset it would seem like either somethings wrong at the server level or the other dreaded possibility is that your site has been hacked.
FYI - It appears to be limited to your site.

go here: and look up you domain.

I then shift-clicked about 8 of the other sites on that IP quickly, and all pages loaded quickly.

…and just as mysteriously, the site is magically back up.

No wordpress on my site. It runs UBB.Threads software, but the main page and all the webcam pictures that directly download to the browser weren’t available either. Here’s a webcam pic from the site now:

…oh, looks like pictures don’t display on this forum.

Trying a url

…I’m online with chat now. Report:
looks like the apache service was restarted a few minutes ago

Strange, site has run successfully for many months.

I then shift-clicked about 8 of the other sites on that IP quickly, and all pages loaded quickly.

…or the apache restart occurred before you started hitting them. We will prob. never know.
BTW, thanks for the link to the reverse IP lookup. Saved that link, so next time if I have trouble, I can check other sites on the same server.