Finished Domain Registration... what next?

I just finished the payment process for domain registration (which costs $9.95/yr), and wanna upload something in order to see if it really works. But, I have not received FTP info from them and not sure what to do. In my Web Panel, it says “This account is currently pending approval.” on the left-hand bar. Does this mean I am supposed to wait for them to give me FTP info? Or do I need to pay for other things? PLEASE TELL ME!!!

You have to wait for your account to be approved. When it is, then you’ll get all the information.

ETA: Also, if you just payed for your domain then you may have a wait a day or two before it works.

Thank you for replying. Surely, I got 2 emails from them, but it still doesn’t clear my mind. I have simple questions, and want it to be answered.

Does Domain Registration ($9) itself allow me to upload any files on the DreamHost server? Other than transfering, and if I want to store files on DreamHost server, Do I need to sign up for web hosting plan (which costs 7 or 8 bucks per month?!).

I think I don’t understand fundamentals of registeration and web hosting. I thought I just need to pay $9, get a domain, and upload files on that domain. If I am wrong, please tell me.

Domain name registration is what you pay yearly to own your domain name.

Web hosting is where you point your domain name to and host it. You have to pay for the space you use, therefore it is separate. You can store files, other than your website (but I don’t know why you would want to do that, just get a backup drive.)

What I wanted to know is; whether I need to pay for a web hosting plan to build a website on the DreamHost server. So, now I just got a domain, nothing more? That’s what I meant.

So, I should go like, Topmenu>Domains>ManageDomains>under Web Hosting ?

My status is, I just signed up for Domain Registration. That’s all. I want to use this domain for my website on the DreamHost. I thought, “$9 can make me host a website with watever domain for a year! its cheap!”. Please clear my misunderstanding.

Yes, you have to purchase one of dreamhosts hosting packages to host your site at dreamhost, but hey, they have the 888 birthday sale going on right now.

I just puchased “Crazy Domain Insane” plan by applyin 888 code. so it turned out to be around $25 for a year (I think). Now, it shows “This account is currently pending approval.”

To apply the 888 thing, I created new web ID, so the domain I got with previous web ID cannot be used. (Since That offer is for new customers only - those who do not have an active account with DreamHost). I feel like I wasted $9 now and wondering if there is any way to shift the domain from previous Web ID to new one.

Could you tell me?

contact support and they will do it for you

I think DH is lagged on their ordering process today, I just ordered one account today, I am getting the same message.

New signups are flaged for approval if they meet certin cryteria. DH had to do this because of gettings way too many spam signups - so for some reason the system thought your sign up might not be real - so you just have to wait a bit for a humal to review the order and then all will go thorugh just fine (or they may request more informaiton from you).