Finding wp-content/theme folder

Pretty simple, I have no idea where to look on for the wp-content/theme folder. Anyone that can point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.


It’s right there in your wp-content folder. It should be called “themes” rather than “theme”. Specific theme folders go inside “themes”.

Did you install WordPress manually or via a one-click install? A manual installation should appear immediately, a OCI takes a few minutes to appear.

Are you looking for it via your browser or an ftp client?

You’ll need to FTP into your domain to access that folder. You can either use the WebFTP option in the DreamHost web panel, or an FTP client. The full path should be: youruser/

If you’re not sure how to access FTP, please follow the instructions below:

I’m trying to create a child theme for “swift-basic”. I added a directory called “swift-basic-child” but can’t find the button to add a file (need to add style.css

Any idea how to add a file to the child directory?