Finding old deleted email

Hi there,

I need to find an email that I deleted from my inbox some time ago. I use the POP email format and download all my mail into Outlook, I don’t use my SquirrelMail. I deleted the email from the inbox and then emptied my ‘deleted items’ folder.

Is there any way I can retrieve this email?!

I tried looking in my SquirrelMail inbox, but the messages only go back about 10 days. Can I look further back than that?

Any help grately appreciated, I’m in a bit of a jam!

Many thanks,

If you can’t get the sender to re-send it, and you can’t dig it out of your home computer, then you’ll have to submit a Support ticket while crossing all your fingers and toes and hope they can dig it up for you. You’ll need to be very specific on the date of the message.