Finding MySQL host, username, pass, and database

I’m trying to install the plogger plugin for wordpress and it’s asking me for some information. It wants:

MySQL Host: (default option is set to localhost)
MySQL Username:
MySQL Password:
MySQL Database:

I’m quite the newb so I’m not entirely sure which user names and passwords they’re referring to. Should the MySQL Host be set to localhost or should I put something else? And what should be set for MySQL Database?

Thank you very much for any help.

Go to DREAMHOST CPANEL, Then Goodies, then Manage MYSQL

Then create a new Mysql DB(if you havent created one), and there it will tell you everything after you create. :slight_smile:

I have not used the plug-in for WordPress, but I use plogger a lot. Below is an “overview” of installing plogger on Dreamhost, much of which is probably relevant for your case:


The first thing to know is that you have to create your database, for use with plogger, in the Control Panel. Go to Control Panel–>Goodies–>Manage MySQL, and fill in the form at the top of the page to create a database,host, and first user. When you “submit” this page, the database and user will be created, and the sub-domain for the host (by default, you will probably have selected “mysql.yourdomain.tld” will be set-up.

This “host” subdomain will take a while to be reachable via DNS - anywhere from a half an hour or so up to a day (or two) - though generally it takes about an hour or so for me . This varies depending upon a number of factors, is different for everyone, and is part of the “normal” process for DNS “propagation”. You will know that the sub-domain is reachable via DNS from your computer when you can go to the “host” name with a browser and not get a “not found” page. You can also use the “PhpMyAdmin” link from the Manage MySql Databases screen in the control panel to confirm that the “host” is reachable via DNS.

Once this happens, you are ready to go to complete your plogger install. Your values will be:

MySQL Host: your hostname (usually "mysql.yourdomain.tld"
MySQL Username: the first user you set up when creating the database
MySQL Password: that user’s password
MySQL Database: the name you gave the database when you created it.

Once your database has been created, the host sub-domain has "propagated so it’s reachable via DNS, and you complete the plogger installation with the information as indicated above, you will be “good to go”, and plogger should be operational. Good Luck! :slight_smile: [/quote]
I suggest you look at the documentation for the plug-in, and see if it uses the existing WordPress database, or needs its own. If it needs it’s own, the above instructions should work. If it uses the existing WordPress database, then just visit the Control Panel–>Manage MySQL page indicated above, and copy the relevant information from that screen for the database in use by WordPress to complete the necessary database info for the plugin. Good Luck! :slight_smile: