Finding Hot-Linkers

Hi all! I’m new to Dreamhost and not really used to not having access to CPanel. I’ve prevented any hotlinking by uploading a .htaccess file, but how can I track who’s hotlinking? With CPanel, I could download the raw access log files and find the exact pages that were hotlinking, but with the analogue stats on Dreamhost, I only get a general link like

I may be completely missing something as I’m new, but is there anything similar to the raw access logs that I can view/download to track the hotlinkers? Thanks :slight_smile:

Aha! You’re a star - thank you!

OK this doesn’t work for me because I am clueless, I have seven domains hosted and when I use my FTP client I can see the LOGS directory on the server, but can I only access this via my FTP client? or can I use something like the Statistics URL:
but use:

that doesn’t work, but is there any way to make it work?
or do I just have to download the logs manually via FTP?