Find out which user is linked to a mail address


I created a User with full ssh access. Then when I created a mailbox, I selected that user in the “Mailbox Login” box.

That is all fine, now I have a mailbox associated with that user, so I can set up procmail rules etc.

However I can’t see a way of determining which mailbox belongs to which user. At the moment I can remember how I set it up … but in the future who knows … my memory is not that great.

So how do you tell which mailbox is setup for which user?

The rest of us do it through the control panel. That’s how we link it up.

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That’s my point, as far as I can see there is nothing in the control panel that gives that information.

Perhaps you could provide a specific location where you link the two up?

You could see if Mailbox section in the Disk Usage screen gives any hint.


The first step you did that the rest of us don’t do is set up the mailbox manually through the shell.

In looking at the panel right now, I find the same confusion you have. I’ll be back after some testing.

OK, when you set up a new mailbox through the control panel, you can select a mailbox login or create a new mailbox login - the users already appear in that list.

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