Find ip address of email sent through Dreamhost

I have a friend who I believe pranks me once in a while by sending me messages through a contact form on my website, pretending to be ridiculous people. Is there any way to go back and look at the ip address of the sender of emails that go through Dreamhost hosted email accounts?

There certainly is! You have to configure the script that processes the form to tell you what the IP address is - its just that easy!

(alternatively you can review the HTTP server logs if the script is hosted on your site or redirects to a page on your site)

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I have a formmail script that’s provided by DreamHost. In the Full Headers of my received email is the IP address Formmail got the info from. It’s one of the last headers before the To and From fields and looks like:

Received: from []
by (NMS FormMail 3.14c1)