Find File and DB Manager


I’m new to using Dreamhost. I’m the webmaster for a small non-profit, and setting up the organization’s website. On other hosting services I’ve used in the past, I’m accustomed to using a file manager interface for interacting with web site files and access to phpMyAdmin to access MySQL databases. DH’s user interface has me completely flummoxed; I can’t find access to the file manager and MySQL anywhere (or any way that’s intuitively obvious. I suspect that was intentional by design). Do you use a cPanel interface or something similar? How do I get there from ‘’? I need to modify both a WordPress ‘wp-config.php’ file and upload a MySQL database. Thanks.


Ahh, Dreamhost has a wiki! Stumbled upon a reference to it while perusing other posts. And they changed their navigation menu on their home page as of yesterday! Will check the wiki, and probably find access to the cPanel and how to use their FTP system.


Should have looked at the autoresponder email sent to me by DH 2 months back when I first moved the domain name to DH’s nameservers. The email provided the FTP credentials I needed to log into the file directory at The link to phpMyAdmin wasn’t working for me today, so I put in a support ticket to get that resolved. When I get into phpMyAdmin, I can import my site’s database file and get the site up and running.


Hello Lucvan9,

First would like to say, Thank you for using us and welcome aboard! I see your recently submitted ticket in regards to gaining access to phpMyAdmin. I have sent over your ticket to an admin who is looking into the issue right now and will update you with a resolve ASAP. The response to your ticket will be sent to your primary email address please respond there once you receive it.

We appreciate your patience!

Thank you,
Brandon S.



The link to ‘phpMyAdmin’ for the domain ‘’ on the MySQL Database page is broken. Not sure why, as this domain has resided on DH’s servers for the past 2 months. The sooner the link is restored, the sooner I can put the website’s db files up and get the website running.



Hello Lucvan9,

An admin has just responded to your ticket so please check your e-mail for the update. It appeared that your DNS records weren’t pointed to us, you can use the hostname the admin just created for now:

That hostname won’t be working for a few hours though, due to DNS propagation.
That hostname is also interchangeable with your current database, so you can login there as well.

There are further instructions and information in the admins response to your ticket. If you have any further questions please reply to the e-mail.

Have a great day!

Thank you,
Brandon S.