Filure of FTP login with IE6

Anyone know a workaround for the failure of IE to logon to e.g. ?

I’ve before found IE is server-choosy, but here I get a different error:

Windows cannot access this folder. Make sure you typed the file name correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.
The server name or address could not be resolved

and the address bar changes to .

Likewise fails.

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

Switch to a better browser?

Use a real FTP program (e.g., WSFTP) instead of trying to do FTP through a Web browser?

– Dan

Since I have policy-restricted users with just IE, I’d rather find out if DH really doesn’t support the world’s most popular browser before ditching it.

Now it works! Must have been caught by the “up to five hours” delay for control panels changes to take effect, I guess.

You also might like to think about stopping using FTP. It’s rather inscure. sshftp is the way to go.
You can download a personal use client from


I note FTP rather than SSH is the protocol offered by the DH CP ‘Upload to site’…

Yes, those links have been there forever, because while SFTP is more secure, the fact is that you can still use regular FTP to upload files. I am not aware that there is any method for using SFTP via URL, so its not like an “Upload to site” link is possible with SFTP anyways. IE 6 doesn’t support SFTP, and when using it to connect to an FTP site, it tells you in the login dialog that FTP is insecure and suggests WebDAV instead.
Another thing to note is that when using SFTP you will not be chroot’d, and that the path will consist of a mount point (/home/.mount/username instead of /home/username) and at least in Perl scripts you can just use /home/username but PHP and installation scripts might detect/require the mount part.

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Thanks, but I was greatly discouraged by DH’s:

If you enable a folder for WebDAV use, you will not be able to manage or edit the files it contains with any method other than WebDAV. Attempts to edit through ftp or the unix shell will fail. Additionally, our security setup on the shared hosting servers makes it so CGI scripts will not be able to execute from a WebDAV folder.

Oh, I wasn’t suggesting one use WebDAV, I was merely pointing out that even IE 6 knows that FTP is insecure.

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I see.

Am I right that the choices are only:

FTP (insecure)
WebDAV (no good for CGI)
SFTP (unsupported by Windows itself)


Well, you forgot Samba, e-mail and regular HTTP. Though for the last two you’d have to login to a shell account, but with HTTP you could also upload files if you have a CGI upload script already setup. And as stated elsewhere Samba is currently disabled. I am only saying that it is possible to transfer files using these methods, not that their use is encouraged or supported by anyone. Ideally you should use SFTP or FTP for file management.

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There are scp and sftp clients for Windows, though Windows may not support it directly (without Cygwin installed, anyway). There is a kbase article which mentions some possible GUI scp clients. I’m not aware of any good free Win32 sftp clients, but if anyone else does, let me know and I’ll update the documentation.