Filters Not Working


I configured filters for my e-mail, but the filters are not working. Mail is still coming to the Inbox. I can’t see anything else to do. What did I do wrong?

– vja4Him


It’s hard to say - we’re customers, well most of us - so we’re not looking over your shoulder so to speak.

Perhaps you need to start off simple. Try filtering on just one word. Also try sending messages to yourself to see if you’ve got the hang of entering a filter.

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All the filters I created use the e-mail address from the sender. They are for family history forums that I belong to. All of my filters in Mac Mail work perfectly, so I know how to set up filters. I’ve also set up filters in Outlook Express (don’t use that anymore), and Eudora (don’t use that anymore either). Never had any problems with any of those filters.

I must be missing something, somewhere … But I can’t find anything I’ve missed …

– vja4Him


Do you have e-mail somewhere else, like gmail perhaps? Try sending messages to yourself and see if you can get it to filter on that address first before moving on to the forum messages.

Customer since 2000 :cool:


I don’t have g-mail. Does anyone have problems with filters on DreamHost not working? Strange that filters work perfectly with my MacMail (always have). Filters also worked perfectly with Eudora. Never had a problem at all.

Shouldn’t matter where the e-mail is coming from, or what the e-mail address is. Filters should take all messages from a cetain e-mail address and place all those message continually into the designated folder with no problem.

– vja4Him