Filtering problem

I am not sure why my filtering isn’t working.

I have a couple email address that get nothing but spam, so I set up a filter to send anything sent to those accounts to the trash.

Thing is, that the email still gets through to me.

This is what my .procmailrc file looks like. The file was created when I set up the filters through the web page interface.




no procmail_log

filter 1


  • ^

filter 2


  • ^

filter 3


  • ^

catch all for inbox


Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.


It might be because of the way I have things setup. I use my domain to have a unique email address at sites I visit. They are not actual email accounts.

For instance, if I register at, I will make an email address

I have an account I created, account.

I have catch-all turned on for which forwards to

and then forwards to

Confusing, I know. but I don’t want to have to create a unique user/email account for each site I visit. I also use it to track email from friends.

For instance, I tell my friend tom to email me at say

That way when I scan the From field in my email program or use rules to route the mail once its on my local machine, I know I have an email from Tom.

I also have a line in there to set up a log, nothing is being written to my log file.

Directory for storing procmail configuration and log files

You can name this variable anything you like, for example

PROCMAILDIR, or don’t set it (but then don’t refer to it!)


LOGFILE should be specified ASAP so everything below it is logged

Put ## before LOGFILE if you want no logging (not recommended)


To insert a blank line between each message’s log entry,

uncomment the next two lines (this is helpful for debugging)


Set VERBOSE to yes when debugging; VERBOSE default is no



Replace $HOME/Msgs with the directory where your personal (non-system-spool) mailboxes reside

Mailboxes in maildir format or served by Courier IMAP are often in $HOME/Maildir

Mailboxes served by UW IMAP are sometimes in $HOME, sometimes in $HOME/mail, & sometimes elsewhere


My .procmailrc is pretty close to yours, except that I have a SHELL line…

Header (notice ‘#’ in front of log, not logging at this point):

[/code]Then rules (example):

[/code]Also, didn’t see it mentioned, make sure you have a .forward.postfix file with the following content in it (including the double quotes):

code"|/usr/bin/procmail -t"

Thanks… got all that stuff in there.

Not sure why it doesn’t work and why the logging part isn’t working. If I could have that at least working, I might see why my rules aren’t working.