Filtering mail

How can I filter mail so that when I use an IMAP server like from that it appears it different folders? I noticed something in the KB about procmail. But if I do move messages into different folders, will I still be able to retreive it with POP3? because that’s what I use on my home computer.

Todd Eddy

Nope. You need to use IMAP, or else use client-side filtering - you can only retrieve one mailbox (your inbox) via POP3.

This is a limitation of the POP3 protocol.

If you’re using webmail (or any IMAP client) some of the time, it’s a very good idea to use IMAP all the time - using both protocols tends to cause problems in my experience.

Also note that the “filters” plugin to squirrelmail appears to have been adopted into the core, so it’s possible that you could use this feature to filter your mail.