Filtering/Groups for Manage Domains


If you have dozens of domains each with a varying amount of sub-domains, it can be tedious to scroll through that list. Can we please have some way of filtering the “Manage Domains” table? Perhaps we could assign groups/tags/labels to each domain?

Yes, please! Not to mention if you host 10 websites for a client, for example - would be great to have domains by folders if we wanted.

I absolutely hate the new layout. It’s hard to navigate and I can’t seem to find an overall look at my many domains. This is very close to a “deal breaker” with me and Dreamhost.

Yes, I agree. In the past, I had a nice table - one domain to a line - 10 point font - I could see all 30 or so domains at a glance - if one had some difference it was easy to spot. At worse, the table might get a bit too wide - so I had a little horizontal scrolling to do - but that was OK.

Now I have about a half screen for each domain and I have to scroll over about 15 screenfulls to get to the domain I want.

This is a classic case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” - and it wasn’t broke.