Filter email into folders

I’m using the mailboxes filter tool ([size=x-small][/size])

I read the article at [size=x-small]wiki[/size] but it gives no examples and lacks specific details for some aspects of the filter creation.

What are the detailed instructions for specifying target folders for an email filter ? Specifically, what’s the syntax for the “Move it to folder:” field ?

I want messages matching the “When email” rules to go to INBOX.folder1.folder1.1 . Meaning folder1.1 which is a subfolder of folder1 which is a subfolder of INBOX.

Apparently “INBOX.folder1.folder1.1” is not the correct content for the “Move it to folder:” field because test emails matching the fromWhen email” rules are not appearing in INBOX.folder1.folder1.1 . I guess the message is lost when the filter “Move it to folder:” field is incorrect … because if I disable the filter the same test message will appear in the INBOX.

The answer is not obvious or intuitive. I thought I had been here before, and I have!

Leave “INBOX.” off of your move-to folder designation, in other words move the message to folder1.folder1A (also I don’t think you can name folder1.1 that way, but I’m guessing that extra period was just something that popped in as you were changing your names to generic for the post.)

It is odd behavior that an error in setup re-directs the email somewhere non-existent without giving any kind of error or notification. This seems buggy, but i observed the same behavior as I tested the above.