Could you please help with ftp Filezilla, What are the general settings for file manager. Ta!


That’s a pretty general question, what kind of settings exactly? Do you need help with log in credentials? You can always ask our support team for help as well by sending them a ticket here they’ll look into it and send you a reply by email.

Hope that helps,
Matt C


If you have your Dreamhost FTP login, any FTP program will work.
YES, I recommaned FileZilla (FREE and just works great).

Maybe you are a VERY VERY VERY newbie, did you try to read the help-files that come with FileZilla?

Sorry, but you sound like a newbie whom will be on this forum for help, BEFORE even trying GOOGLE.

YOU are very welcome to ask any and all questions and some of us customers and (THANK YOU DH) DH staff will try to answer and help you,

BUT you will need to be more detailed in any questions.

You are welcome, Matt C (I know you have to be nice, I am nice just more direct for this newbie)