FileZilla unable to connect (SFTP account)


new at DH and hosting in general -just FYI.

I have a user setup with a shell account (FTP disabled). I am 100% certain I have the correct username and password and I have waited 30 minutes before trying to log in.

I have installed FileZilla.

If I create a site under the Site Manager, the connection times out. It doesn’t even resolve my domains IP address, which it does successfully through the Quickconnect bar when I do not specify a port.
If I use the Quickconnect bar, the connection process gets as far as checking the password, but then I get a 530 Login incorrect error. This is without specifying a port (which then defaults to 21). If I specify port 22, it times out.
In both cases the same credentials have been used. The site has been set up according to

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Sad no one has responded. I have the same exact problem and just posted a new thread about it before seeing this one. (For some reason, your post did not come up when I did a search.)

Did you ever figure this out?

Do the TB Guide. Maybe firewall or Network (proxy) is the cause…

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sorry for the late reply.

Yes, our firewall is set to block all content by default. After adding the IP of my laptop (which is a static IP) to an FTP rule in the firewall it worked without a hitch.

Double check your account settings within the DH control panel to make sure you account is SFTP enabled. Double check your (S)FTP server address, root directory, etc… along with your username and password.

Good luck