FileZilla can't connect to server

Every time I try to connect to, it says that the connection timed out and that it couldn’t connect to server.

Because of that I’ve been using the temporary FTP hostname (31.###.167.###), which does work, except that for some reason my site still show the default my host gives instead of what I coded.

I am using as my host, if that helps anything.

Also, if you want to give me reason as the why the temporary one won’t work, don’t say I put it in the wrong folder, because I didn’t. I checked about 100 times and I deleted the default file they give.

We can’t really troubleshoot issues with other web hosts… you’ll need to either contact their support department, or switch to DreamHost. :slight_smile:

I thought this was DreamHost. O.o

You said that your web host was in your first post. That isn’t DreamHost, and the temporary address you included in your post ( doesn’t look like any address we use either.