FileZilla and Favicon.ico

Hi all,

I’ve installed Filezilla in the hopes of changing a favicon.

I used the one-click option to install WordPress. I have read on the forums here that because of this installation, I will not find /public_HTML on FileZilla.

I read that I needed to look for a home folder. I found Home, but get the following message when I open it:
Error: Directory /home: permission denied
Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing

It has opened to reveal other folders though, some of which will download data, but with others, the permission is denied as shown above.

I can’t find any other post explaining what to do next. I do not know where to add the favicon.ico to change the favicon. I asked DreamHost support but they just linked me to the FTP wiki and then copy and pasted me the following:

As per our TOS:
The Customer agrees that he or she has the necessary knowledge to create Customer’s Webspace. Customer agrees that it is not the responsibility of DreamHost Web Hosting to provide this knowledge or Customer Support outside of the defined service of DreamHost Web Hosting."

Yes, that was a pleasant backhand.

I really need this explained to me like I were five. If someone could please walk me through it in simple terms, I would be ever so very grateful.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

the basic steps are:
log in using the CORRECT USER.
Logged in under the correct user you will see a directory named the same as your domain, switch to that directory.
replace the file named favicon.ico with yours.

Note this is a special file that must exist, if you delete it the system will default an empty file for you pretty quickly.

Thanks so much. You are great.