Filesystem cache VS Mysql cache

Hi all!
I’ve to develop a custom php caching module for a website having a lot of contents (the full cache could reach about 500.000 items). Is it better to save my cached data directly on the filesystem or to save them on a DB table? In the first case for each request I’ve only to read and return a file (but I’all have a directory containing 500.000 files!), in the second I have to perform a query on a sigle table (with 500.000 entries indexed by using the “URL” field).
Which is, in your opinion, the best solution in terms of performances?
Thanks in advance!

There’s an upper limit on files. I don’t know the precise figure, but I’d suggest you contact Support and query them regarding a figure of 500k on a single account. If the number poses no problems, then the file system cache would be the way to go.

I recall someone (Scott?) mentioning they were approaching the half million mark recently.

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