FilesForever - users buy files but can't download because of "invalid login"


Hello forum, my first time posting here.

I have already submitted a help ticket 48 hours ago (have not heard back) regarding an issue with ‘invalid logins’ when customers attempt to download an already-purchased FF file from my website (they have to log in to download the file).

First I thought it was only user error, but after 6 or 7 customers emailing me with the same issue, then unsuccessfully trying to purchase/download my own file myself…it seems there is a problem.

I am asking here if anyone else has had this problem with FF, and if so how was it resolved? I guess I am hoping to get a faster answer here than from DH support. Already I have had to take my site offline for 24 hours to keep people from getting frustrated and never visiting my store again :frowning: I have to do it again now.


I have been using FF for many years now and found it a very stable system. I did however notice lately a drop in purchases, and had 1 email from a customer who said he could not get the file. I will contact them also and ask them some questions.


I’m having the same problem. When I try to login to download files I’m getting invalid login.


I just contacted support and gave a reference to this forum post/thread. Have you also noticed a drop in sales?


Thanks for doing that, I am not sure what it takes to get a prompt response from DH. After this experience, after my hosting subscription is up in May, I am finding other hosting.

As for sales, yes I have noticed a drop-off as I have mostly repeat customers. Those of whom experienced this problem certainly don’t want to try to purchase again from my store. Further, it is time-consuming to have to monitor my emails to see if anyone else is having problems and then I have to upload files directly to them.


I would not worry too much about it. FilesForever is usually a great way to sell files and a lot cheaper then most other merchant options. I do know that only one guy at Dreamhost has the most knowledge about FF and that is Josh. If he is currently unavailable due to holiday or something, it might take some time. But any problems I ever had with FF where always very well solved, but that was a while ago and only a few times.

Still it sucks loosing sales, I know that.