Files uploaded through FTP software does not show

I’ve been using Filezilla to upload files to my site for years but have never encountered this problem. I am perplexed and hoping one of you can help me figure out what’s wrong.

Starting last night, any file that I upload into any folder to the remote site would not show up when I call it via a browser. The domain in particular is Say I’m uploading a.jpg to folder TEST. The “remote site” window on filezilla would show the file, the log would say UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL, but when I go to, it will give me "the requested url /TEST/a.jpg was not found on this server.

I tried using a different FTP software. I have Fetch on my macbook. It gave me the exact same UPLOAD SUCCESSFUL notice, but when I try to load up that file on my browser, it would still say “file not found”

Here’s a screencap of what I’m dealing with. I uploaded 2 files via filezilla, but they wouldn’t show up when I open up that folder on Firefox:

A friend of mine suggested that I just access my ftp straight from My Computer window, so I uploading files using that. Surprisingly, this WORKS. Whatever file I upload by dragging it into the ftp accessed from My Computer CAN be loaded up from the browser. However, whatever file I upload using Filezilla or Fetch (haven’t tried other softwares) would not load up on the browser.

Why is this? Does anyone know?

I don’t know if this matters, but I do have another site: that is set to mirror All these files are uploaded into eecafe, though, not kefi since that one’s just a mirror.

Thank you for your time.

change your FTP host name to your own domain name - - not the DH sever name

so your ftp host should be

Oh wow. That solved it. This is beautiful, thanks.

I’m curious, though. Why did this fix the problem? Up until yesterday I’ve had no problem uploading using DH server as the host…

DH moved you to a new server. When you use the old server name as the host, the files go to then old server. When your domain name as the host, the files go to the correct location.

By the way the new servers are screaming fast too.

Happy I can help.

even more beautiful. thanks for the explanation! i never knew i could use my domain name as the host. i learn something new everyday.

glad it works for you.

yes - better to use the domain name because no matter where they move your account to - things will work for you

I am facing the same problem and I did as you suggested, but still its showing “Nothing Found For PageName”.

Please suggest some other alternative solution.

Check it again you have to submit your file at right host and user name and password also, it happened with me when I was trying to upload file with ftp but not getting my on server and the problem just was wrong host name and logging id and password. Some time it happen we think the problem is big but it just very small mistake.