Files storage!


Hello Guys !

I want to buy a Hosting from Here but does dreamhost support Files storage as Movies,pictures…?



I could not find the link any more. You may want to check TOS again.

From what I remembered, you can’t use DH as a file storage to backup your files. However, you can host unlimited files.

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If you’re not hosting the files on a website, then, no, you can’t just use DreamHost just for storage unless you pay something like 20 cents per gig per month, or something like that.



I don’t want to backup My Files . Just upload Files Via FTP

My friend has a shared hosting from dreamhost and he’s uploading 5GB per Day !


You can upload away, but the files you are uploading must be within the purpose (and of the nature) permitted by the TOS.

“Personal Storage” as well as “back-ups” can be an issue - assuming the files themselves present no legal issues, it all depends upon how the files are used. This recent DreamHost status blog post might clarify things a bit.

Note that your friend may, or may not, be within the TOS, and it is dangerous to assume that just because he is doing a thing and has been been called on it, that it is “OK”. - It may well be fine, but it could also be that they just haven’t yet fully identified what he is doing and/or reacted to it yet.

At any rate, if you read the TOS, and that “clarification” (and maybe " you will get a good idea of what is allowed. :wink:



What did you say your friends name is? I might know him. What is his website URL?


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