Files on FTP server. Now what?

I have downloaded SmartFTP and have been able to access my files via ftp:// but when I go to http:// all I see is Index of/. How do I view the files I have downloaded by typing in my domain name? Essentially I would like to type in my domain name ( and be able to view my page.

did you upload your files into folder? and is there an index.html (or .htm, php, shtml, etc) file for the homepage?

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I’m lost too.

My problem is not knowing WHERE I am suppose to be putting this index.html file.

I think I’ve tried just about everything and all I have is that stupid list of files.

Am I suppose to name the file index.html on Dreamweaver?

Am I suppose to make a file /root/ on the ftp??

So lost, confused, and frustrated.

I don’t speak website lingo.

I need step-by-step instructions.

Please remember that if we are in the Beginner’s folder, it is probably because we are total newbs.

And the wikipedia skips steps too.

I Know Nothing!! HELP!!!

I had that problem and very well may have it again, but last time what finally worked was to not put the whole folder in the FTP thing, but rather the contents. It worked.

When I went back and read the instructions, I realized it had said that. Being such a beginner my brain couldn’t see it. Good luck. Hope it helps.