Files in /tmp/ what are these?

when I ssh to my account and cd to /tmp I see a lot of files there
sess_duor0496emmga378vofdkvlbd2 sess_vv6n5147iihgl06753ehonnbd1
sess_dusvj9gj61sur8pvcine4qsla6 sess_vv903kgq3br3iva7g837noah66
sess_dvd2mu1hhv0ddm9el7it7jmso7 sess_vvhuap5u958ok7er3r0mo1mm71
sess_dvudomdf8ep48j4uhahvunnoa1 sess_vvibaf22iv0khhom632g78k5m6
sess_e0gq13pibh61agcnjcmp7uh0d3 sess_vvoavhrrc63dva8kij8nad3kk6
sess_e1l2nmke2gvtkahscmmdn2q3h3 sess_xxGOOGLEBOTfsHTTPcffWWWdGOOGLxx

What are these files ? Is someone using my account without my knowledge ? or is /tmp shared by many users? when I try to remove these files it says I dont have the permissions to do so.

Thanks for the info

Those are “session” files used to provide “state” information for web applications.

This is not an indication that someone is using your your account; the /tmp “directory” is actually a link to /usr/local/tmp, which is shared by many users for storing temporary files and is owned by root.

Because root is the owner of the directory, and because of the way permissions are set, you cannot delete any of these files that you are not the owner of. You can see who the owner of each file is by looking at the directory with the ls -la command, and note the user name and group that the file belongs to.

This is “normal” for a unix environment, and is not a security risk as only “root” and the owner of these files can read them or write to them (you can see the permissions of each file with the ls -la command as indicated above).


/tmp is shared by many users.

Your directory is your home directory, eg /home/.glob/username or /home/username.

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