Files I cannot get to delete


I installed wordpress a few times as a test into some directories, then removed the app each time…
Each time it left some files/folders i do NOT want left in my directories, and I dont seem to have permission to delete then via ftp!
I even removed the hosting for the site, and reset it, and all the files still dont go away, they came right back!
Help please…


Probably file permission issues.

You could check the permissions of the files in question with your FTP client and change them.

Or try using ssh:


I set the permissions for full… still wont allow… :frowning:


Are you trying to remove the /uploads directory itself? You must have the proper permissions set on its parent directory, /wp-content first. A Directory is a list, so to remove something from the list you have to be able to change the list.


I don’t see the BAD folder on your server anymore. Were you able to delete it?