Files formats



Will DO read and execute same files as S3?
Because like I said, I am trying to use the DO to storage images, css, js, swf, etc from Magento.

Magento will load with no problem all images, css, xml from DO. But when comes to swf and .htm for example, it will not run.
The image upload was fixed when I moved the swf back to my domain and changed the code on Magento to load from that location.
But if I try to use DO to host my js folder, when click on the Magento editor (when creating page for example) to put a link or image, it open a .html file blank.
DO will run .js but not .html?

So it would be good to have a list of files that will be ready only, or that can be executed, etc.


PS.: So far I love the service, it’s really working good, saving some memory on PS. Soon will start to backup files from my PC.


There shouldn’t be an issue hosting HTML or SWF files on DreamObjects. The one suggestion I have is to make sure you’re explicit with the path to the files in DreamObjects. I’d recommend opening a support ticket if you still can’t get it working.


Flash file I moved to somewhere else inside the domain, as look like Magento won’t let you use another domain for those files.
But the .htm, it won’t read, just .html.