Files forever


Hi all, simple question.I was looking at files forever, but it seems more geared toward a sales model. If I am not sharing, selling or anything like that, do I need it?

All I want to do is store my own files and have them backed up online rather than an external drive…

Is it okay to just upload all the files to one my sites in a folder?


There is important information that clarifies the DreamHost Terms of Service (TOS) available in a relevant DreamHost Status Blog post, which you should read.

If this doesn’t adequately answer your questions, you should contact support (as suggested in the post) for further clarification.

It has been reported that some users have been offered the opportunity to to store personal files/backup for a fee, but I know of no general “official” DreamHost announcement of this.



Well, thanks for the great reference, I thought this might have been controversial. I guess I see why it would be so convenient to have personal files stored right next to the hosting service. That would be a real “dream”. But I also see why Dreamhost has too not only make money, but also needs to work out infrastructure so things are not slowed. Flash forward 10 years from now and I am sure everyone will have their own private server.

All that said, I have tried the personal storage sites, but it would be much easier to just drag the files onto the server using ftp…


PS/ So, the last question is:

On files forever, do I pay a one time upload to the server? What if I keep adding and never downloading? Is the same .01 cents for each 4mb applied?

I upload 15 GB, then two months later I upload 5 more GB, they just charge the account for the 5GB more?

I guess I am a little confused. Clarity appreciated, either its the text or my ADD. :slight_smile:


I wish I could give you more insight on the files forever particulars, but I have never used it, and am not that familiar with it.

There is a huge thread asking many questions about it, and with some answers, here on the forum, but I think I’d contact support to get the latest information (the product/service may still be evolving). :wink:



Okay, thanks, I’ll investigate further. Mkwick