Files Forever

Quick question to all you dreamhosters and employees if you look. Files forever looks like a resource to sell files. I would like to use it as another backup for the remote backups I have for customers of mine. Will this be a good solution for that. It will likely never need to be downloaded unless two other backup systems fail. I have researched some things with other providers and there is a monthly charge to maintain files on their servers. Any insight will be much appreciated.


Well, it does cost $2.50 per gigabyte so I’m not sure how that compares to online backup services. It’s also a pretty manual process so convenience is low.

The most difficult aspect is that you will be using the service in a way that doesn’t correspond to the intent of the service. I mostly mention this because it probably puts you at risk to having to strictly satisfy the requirement to have the rights to distribute the material you upload.

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