Files Forever is Currently Unavailable

I just uploaded some new files to Files Forever for sales and while testing them I got the message “Files Forever Is Currently Unavailable”

How long has this been like this, since my sales have been dead for a few days?

Why would you do something like this on a weekend, best days of sales?

If it will ever come back online an ETA please, otherwise I will have to look for a new way of payments/sales.

It would have been nice to inform people about this.


Well I just found this on the internet. Guess Dreamhost really lost their game this time. It may take weeks/months before they get this sorted out.

Why does everybody have to be offline. I have no lost files all works great, until they closed FF.

Eh? They took your stuff down without so much as an email?

NO NO, the Files Forever server f-cked up and many many peoples FF files got lost.
Now to avoid people/customers from buying mine and other peoples FF files, which may or may not be online, they close it down 100%, so now NOBODY who has Files Forever files for sale with DH system, is making any money.
ALL shops are closed, incl. mine an average between $1000-2000 per month, which is my monthly income (not USA bound)
Since November 2006 I sold Total: $139009.64

I would have expected an email from DH to inform me the FF system was down, so I could mention that also on the website.

แม่ง! That’s outrageous. I hope they get your files back online soon man.

DH mee bpan-haa yai si song bpee laew khrub jing jing


You are taking this alot more calmly than I would be. From the link you posted, your stuff been offline since 2/16. I understand server issues, problems and failures and I know that nothing is available 100% for whatever reason. BUT… if my stuff was offline for 2 plus weeks, and they (dreamhost) knew it and didn’t tell me, I’m not sure i would be as calm as you seem to be right now.

Worse, reading the post you linked, it doesn’t sound like there is a good plan to restore service, and even worse is that there is no backup unless you re-upload all the content yourself.

When I first read this this morning I wondered it was the end of “forever” in favor of dreamobjects. This would be a nightmare to convert and setup for anyone that was, as you were, seriously using files forever as a revenue source.

First the link I posted is NOT from me nor is that my website, I just found it by googling.

Non of my FF files are offline, so ALL ARE ONLINE. Not that it makes a difference, because with DH putting the payment system offline for the FF sales, I am also not making any money now.

I did get a reply to my support ticket I did yesterday and yes the story is the same as the link I posted.
… with an apology for any lost revenue. I can not eat and pay my bills with an apology.
No ETA on when it will be functioning again.

I do not know how the internal DH system works with FF, but why not right a hack/script that allows to put the FF payments system ONLINE per account. Since I have no missing files, I want it to open.
As I said, I am not a script writer, but it sure would be very nice to be back to making money again.


I sincerely apologize for the frustration, and the issues with Files Forever.
We’re well aware of how much this impacting our customers.
Our admins are working around the clock to get Files Forever back up.
I will contact someone to see if we can get a post about this on our site. See if maybe we can offer a periodical timeline of what’s been going on with it. This way, at the very least, we can keep you all informed.
Again, I sincerely apologize for the downtime.
We’re doing our best to get this resolved asap.

Justin H
DreamHost Staff

March 11,

Unfortunately FF is still down and no news on

any updates?


This post has an email address I would use if this were my problem =]

I’m guessing that is John R from this page:

Good Luck My Friend. I hope they have a plan, you would think they would alert the users of the service. As far as my panel “files forever” just isn’t there anymore, but I wasn’t using it either.

I see the Files Forever link has been removed from my friends account also (he does not use it).
On my account it is still there under Storage, below DreamObjects.

This might mean the end of Files Forever, which will mean the end of my business as it is and will take months to redo with a different payment system, which I can not afford since the FF is my monthly income.

The worse thing is that in no way they keep you informed about what the heck is going on.
Maybe this is a silent way of just letting it die and not caring about the customers.

Last month for the first time in 6 years I also was short changed about $240.00 for the payout.
Got a nice standard support reply after I resent the support message after 3 days of silence.
The development team is working hard and bla bla bla.

I just do not get it, for 6 years all works great and then suddenly this and all in silence.
Where is the good old customer service before they got the new CEO, because after that many things changed at DH, most for the best some not so much. Guess the FF-situation is the example of how to NOT handle your longterm customers.

Honest I fear the worst and hope for the best.


AndrewF has been the single best source of official support and information here for years. I’d try email him (or John, as LakeRat mentioned) and just ask straight up if there has been any internal discussion of dumping FF for the new pet in Cloud Objects and:

If so: Is there a system under development to mimic FF using CO?

If not: What is the current best-guess time-frame for the reconstruction of FF?

I’d be investigating other avenues for file sales post haste. chok dee la dude.

“Currently, Files Forever is in beta testing” ~ Dreamhost, June 2007


“Currently, Files Forever is in beta testing” ~ Dreamhost, January 2013


“unlike some other web shops, when we say beta, we mean it” ~ Dreamhost, January 2009


“when we say beta, we mean it” ~ up to 323 other web shops

(google “when+we+say+beta+we+mean+it”, approximately 324 results)

since Novenber 15, 2012

It’s interesting that they originally choose the name “Files Forever”. To stop offering it to those that in fact had Files Forever is reneging on what appears to be a solid promise… forever.

Has Files Forever been reinstated? DreamHost Status

No — sorry to get your hopes up. :frowning: The “currently unavailable” page went down for a bit, and now it’s back up.

Well as a 6+ year user of DH and FF, thE ABOVE was a very strange message.
DH CANCELED Files Forver Novemver 2012, very silent, DH just removed the link from the PANEL for whom-ever DID NOT use it

Then SUDDENLY to KILL the DH users 2 months later, problems, NOT FOR ME, (look bach at 1-2-3 message an other DH, FF seller)
All was working until DH killed Files Forever, DH SAID (not promised) we are working very hard to get FF back up again!

YES, SORRY to DreamHost and all READERS.

DH, Please be HONEST, like you guys where before the BIG CEO guy came to work.
DH, killed FF and will never get back up,
be honest, what is the fucking problem>

Before any previous guys resp0onds that I should contact AndrewF and … I did no answer.

TO the EX-SALES TEAM of Files Forever
WHEN WILL I get the $240.00 you short changed me the last payout.
PLEASE do not know who I am, you KNOW,
For 6+ years I had never problems with FF payouts, (Sorry sometimes holiday and slow, but OK and fair).
NOW DreamHost, CLOSES Files Forever, I got paid about $240 less then It should have been.

Below is the original mesage I sent on March 7.
Just a copy paste from my Support History.

Message from you (Mar 7, 2013 - 22:47:21 / #5641798)
Subject: Files Forever payout February
Over 3 days now and as of yet no responce.
Please handle this a.s.a.p

Message from you (Mar 4, 2013 - 16:08:28 / #5635361)
Subject: Files Forever payout February
Dear Support,

I have a question regarding my payout from Files Forever over the last month February.

According to my sales I have made $976,41 to be transfered.

The payout just arrived on my bank account as always, thank you, but for some reason it is only around $740 that was transfered. I do not know the exact amount since my bank is Thai and it depends on the currency exchange rate.

I got on my Thai bank account 21.286 Thai Baht and with the current exchange rate of 29.72 baht per USA dollar it should have been around 28500 Thai baht.

Could you please check this for me and get back to me.

Thank you and regards, Supong/Ron

REPLY # days later and after ALL silence:

Reply from DreamHost (Mar 10, 2013 - 15:05:30 / #70269178)
Subject: Message from support.

On Thu, 07 Mar 2013, you wrote:

Over 3 days now and as of yet no responce.
Please handle this a.s.a.p

I’m very sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding this
issue and thank you for your patience while we continue to look into what
happened. We’ve narrowed down the cause and will be making corrections to
the FilesForever payouts (where applicable) shortly. We will also provide
you with a full explanation of what happened and what we are doing to
prevent it in the future as soon as we have all the details. This is a
complicated issue that has required input from many people across
departments, which is why it’s taken so long to resolve. We will be in
contact with you again soon once we have all the information. Again, we
apologize for the inconvenience this caused you.

Dan W

Now 3 weeks later no news no contact no nothing.

I will be honest I like DH and their hosting servers,
just because Files Forever is DEAD, I will NOT leave DH because of that.



Well it now has been over 1 month and still no Files Forever.
Of course 100% silence from Dreamhost.

Files Forever is still in my panel and they did charge me for the uploaded files, which I can not use/sell of course, since the whole selling system is down.

No word also from personal emails sent to Andrew.

So guess it is fairwell for FF and my online business.

If your files are all still there - but the sales interface is down - you might consider having them duplicate your files from FF to a (promotionally-priced) CloudObjects account and set up your own point of sale interface using Drupal or a shopping cart platform. Paypal accounts, etc. can be attached to the popular Thai banks without issue these days.