gets slower and slower

I often use the dreamhost file management system located at To take today as an example, I’ve been using it fairly constantly for about 6 hours so far, the web page would be open all the time when I take breaks etc. I’ve been editing a custom web app purely through this system.

So for the first few hours it’s usually fine, works as fast as I can expect and no errors. After that, I start to get errors where the directory won’t load, or the file can’t save with a timed out error.


Then while I continue to work, these errors will pop up more and more making it harder to save a file successfully each time I need to save my progress. I would save that from getting the first error, within an hour and a half the system becomes unusable - it gets to a point where it takes a couple of minutes to attempt loading each file or directory, and almost always fails with this error.

Closing the web page and re-opening it doesn’t fix it, restarting doesn’t fix it, I haven’t found a fix for this. But every morning when I come in and start again, everything fine again. Can anyone help with this?

Use an SFTP client and set it to load files into a local editor such as Sublime Text on double-click. As you save an open file locally it will be uploaded.

yeah have started doing that now. didn’t do it before as I can’t connect to dreamhost via secure ftp but just bit the bullet and got on with it now.