Files downloaded with wget need authorization

Hello, definitely an apache noob here.

I downloaded a folder (with html files) from an ftp server using wget to test what hopefully with be a cron job but the folder I download needs authorization to get to the folder. I can cat the files and the permissions look okay but I can’t find any .htaccess files anywhere and I’m stumped…

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Sorry… didn’t read your question properly.

My bad, I realised it wasn’t clear at the beginning. As far as I know wget is working fine, but the files that are downloaded need authorization when I browse to them. :frowning:

Are you sure that you don’t have some old .htaccess somewhere in the higher level directory which contains the files which you downloaded?

Could the files which you downloaded be trying to load something, like images, iframe content, from an outside source (hosted somewhere else) which is protected by .htaccess?

Uhh, I’m assuming find will find a .htaccess file? If so, then nope, searched my entire home directory. Although I have two tracs installed.

Just had a look through the source files, can’t see anything that I can’t access. :frowning: