Filemake Pro Server On DreamHost

Are there any issues with installing the FileMaker Pro Server.

I have a multiple linked relational database - critters (plants, fungi & animals) for a watershed in Filemaker Pro. Indexed by species, habitat, common name and several more indexes. Would like to make it available via the Filemaker Pro server.

Suggestions and examples for using FileMaker Pro Server are much appreciated.

It looks like the actual FileMaker server only runs on Windows and Mac OSX OS’s. Dreamhost doesn’t support either of these OS’s (Linux only as far as I know), so you’d have to find a way to export all of your tables and convert them to CSV or some process to load them into a MySQL database or something.

If you want to actually run the FileMaker Server on a hosted Windows or Mac OSX server or VPS, I think you would have to look at a host that supports those OS’s.

Thanks for your response - it helps.
If Dreamhost is only Linux then another host is needed. Any suggestions for host quality like DreamHost?

Here’s a recent Filmaker Pro document describing their server and alternatives.

It does say the host requirements for the FileMakerPro server are:
An up and running Mac or Windows web server (dedicated web server is recommended)
o Mac OS X = Apache
o Windows = IIS

See more details below.

I’m not familiar will all the details. But it does seem that there is a Filemaker Pro web server that works on Windows or Mac web hosting, that may work with the multiple inter-related databases of this project… Suggestions of a webhost that has Mac or Windows hosting is most welcome.


Additional details:

Custom Web Publishing

When you should choose this scenario:
· You wish to integrate a FileMaker database with existing websites
· Your web based solution requires 100 or more (under some circumstances) concurrent users
· You want to customize and design web pages
· You want to control how users interact with data
· You wish to employ more security with SSL

Requirements for hosting a solution:
· FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced created database (s)
· FileMaker Server or FileMaker Server Advanced software to host the databases
· An up and running Mac or Windows web server (dedicated web server is recommended)
o Mac OS X = Apache
o Windows = IIS
· Some knowledge of PHP, XML, or XSLT scripting language *
· Connection to the Internet or Intranet
· If using PHP, PHP must be installed

*NOTE: The PHP or XSLT Site Assistant assists with the creation of style sheets or the transition of layouts into PHP coded web pages

Requirements to connect to a hosted database:
· Connection to the Internet or host machine’s Intranet
· The IP address of the host name or web server
· A web browser to access the hosted web page or website