File won't upload completely

seems i’m having a bad-web week…

i’m having a problem loading one of my site’s pages ( i’ve right clicked on the site and section to view the source but it seems to upload 3/4 of the file and then stop, that’s all i can view. what’s going on? shouldn’t i at least be billed for going over my bandwidth, if of course i go over?

You need to re-upload that paticular page. I took a look at it, and it seems for some reason the upload wasn’t completed properly. When you’re uploading the page again, make sure you upload it in ASCII transfer mode.

Bandwidth is not an issue here. Disk space might be, but I doubt it as Dreamhost gives you a rather large disk quota. If you were running close to your bandwidth limit, there would be an automated email in your inbox waiting for you by now, warning you that you’re running out of bandwidth.

However, if you did go over your bandwidth limit; dreamhost will nto shut down your site. They will continue to serve, and bill you the additional bandwidth price, per GIG you go over. This is the default setup unless you contact support and ask them to take your site down until you clear up excess bandwidth trouble-spots on your site.


that’s what i was thinking too wil, thanks for the advice!